Special Services

COVID restrictions apply to all special services. Please contact the office for details: office@eldwickchurch.org.uk or 01274 442015

As the local church it is our privilege to be able to offer special services such as weddings, baptisms etc. We will always do our best accommodate your request. 

Which special services are available?

Weddings and Wedding blessings
The church is licensed to conduct weddings according to the Church of England and the Methodist Church. We are pleased to offer a blessing to those married in a civil ceremony.

Baptisms (Christenings) and Thanksgivings
We are always delighted to baptise children and adults.  Depending on the number of guests this is normally done after the main Sunday service. However, once the building work has been completed, baptisms and thanksgivings will take place within the 10:30am Sunday morning service

A confirmation service allows you to publicly affirm your faith in Jesus and become a full member of the church. The service is carried out by a Bishop and a Methodist minister so that the confirmed person becomes a member of both the Church of England and the Methodist church

The church will always conduct a funeral when required and will provide follow up support and care when required.

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