Weddings and Wedding Blessings

The Eldwick Church can seat up to 150 people and is a beautiful and spiritual wedding setting.

Normally if you live within the locality of Eldwick you have the right to get married in our church. If not, it may still be possible. Please speak to the church office.

A couple can choose either a Church of England or Methodist wedding at The Eldwick Church, providing they meet the legal criteria. 

Please note:


A fee is payable for a wedding service




We offer friendly and informative meetings well in advance of the proposed wedding date, and marriage preparation sessions to assist in the essential planning. We make sure that the Order of Service is appropriate for the couple’s needs. We encourage couples to come to church (if they do not already attend) in the weeks and months preceding the wedding so that we can get to know you and pray for you. Hopefully you will want to continue coming to The Eldwick Church after your wedding! Just prior to the special day, a full rehearsal is held in church.  

Wedding Blessings:

We can also offer a service of blessing in The Eldwick Church for those married in a civil ceremony. Please contact the church office for details.

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